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Marketing Cloud April 2019 Release Highlights

The next release for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is scheduled to be out in April this year, there are some exciting and much awaited features are coming out to make lives easier Marketing Cloud Administrators and End users. You can access the full list of features & their details on the Official Salesforce Marketing Cloud Release Notes.

Below is a sneak peak into some of my favorite picks, including some that I was myself looking forward to:

  • Copy Journeys from between Accounts or Business Units using Deployment Manager

Personally, this is my favorite of the lot, something that I always felt was missing. Currently there is no way to copy an existing Journey from one business unit to another, in case you want to re-purpose a Journey and use it as a template.

Now, you can use Deployment Manager to copy the design of the journey and deploy it in other business units or enterprises in Marketing Cloud.

Deployment Manager is a free AppExchange app that will allow you to create a snapshot of a journey, which can then be uploaded or deployed to another Business Unit or MC Account. Deployment Manager then recreates the design of the original journey as a new draft journey in the target account.

Deployment Manager will be released as a free app on the AppExchange on 1st May 2019, so the Marketing Cloud Admins can install the app and give access to users by assigning licenses in Installed Packages.

  • Audit User Logins and Changes

Another useful feature, this is also a much-needed capability that was missing in Marketing Cloud, especially for Application Compliance and User Access Monitoring purposes.

The Basic Audit Trail feature will allow security admin users to view Marketing Cloud user access and activity records, including authentication, changes to user details and permissions etc. This data will have a 30-day retention period.

There will also be an Advanced Audit Trail that will have a 60-day retention period, with additional features like the ability to import and export data extensions, view who published CloudPages and when, and check who made Group Connect message changes. You will also be able to export Audit Trail data using the Automation Studio Extract & File Transfer activities

Important thing to note is that Advanced Audit Trail will be a paid feature, so please contact your Marketing Cloud AE for additional details.

  • Ability to “Preview Subscribers” in Mobile Channels

 If using Content Builder for building Mobile content, you will now be able to get a “Subscriber-level” preview for the mobile channel that you are designing the content for. This will help you test the personalization or any custom code rendering for a given Subscriber who is the target audience for your mobile message.

You will be able to use the “Subscriber Preview” function to get the preview of the mobile message in the Content Builder or in the Journey Builder.

  • A new Lightning-based setup interface for Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Cloud Setup user interface is being refreshed with a new console. This new Console will come with a left-sided navigation menu to manage administration, platform tools, and settings functions. You can quickly navigate account setup with the new search feature. The new Setup page replaces Administration in all Marketing Cloud accounts.

  • View Instagram Hashtags Performance in Social Studio

The new enhancement to the Social Studio now allows you to search hashtags (#) to discover Instagram content. Instagram recently released a new Hashtag Search API, that helps you discover content that contain hashtags that you want to monitor.

All users with Analyze permissions can search for hashtags. They will be able to monitor trends, measure the reach of your campaigns, and understand the sentiments of their brand(s)

Do take note that this is limited to searching up to 30 hashtags per registered Instagram Account, with a 7-day rolling window. What that means is that if you are already using/monitoring 30 concurrent & active hashtags, you will have to wait for 7 days to add a new one.

  • Latest Marketing Cloud trails and modules

Salesforce is continuously investing in their Trailhead Platform to add more & more interactive learning content related to the Salesforce offerings. Here is a list of some of the latest Marketing Cloud Trails that are out now:



Those were some of my favorite picks from the SF Marketing Cloud new release features. Hoping to share more on these features (live in action) once they are live in the Marketing Cloud environment. Till then, keep learning & keep sharing!

Author: Anup Arora

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